Centro del Vino de la Ribeira Sacra
C/Comercio 6
27400 Monforte de Lemos
Lugo - Galicia - Spain
Tlf. 982 105 303

The Exhibition
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Most of the top floor is taken up with a permanent and innovative exhibition that explores the many aspects of the culture of wine. Using videos, photographs, sounds, smells, tastes and touch the exhibition explains how such a difficult and challenging landscape can produce such wonderful wines and just why the people who live and work in the Ribeira Sacra are so passionate.

The natural elements of earth, water, sun and fog as well as the steep stone terraces that climb stair like up the river valleys are explored to show the roles they play in the development of the Ribeira Sacra wine.

Aspects of the cultural traditions of the area, the natural beauty, the history of both wine in general and in the Ribeira Sacra, arts and crafts, recorded interviews with wine producers and workers are also offered.

Guided tours of the exhibition are offered and are available in English if advance notice is given.


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